Stone Coffee Sai Ying Pun Store's front taken at a 45 degree angle


STONE COFFEE café, located on Hong Kong Island and established in 2016, has constantly been well recognized by local coffee fans and has even been recommended by Sweden’s “96°- A Guide to Tremendously Good Coffee Magazine”, describing it as "The best coffee bar in Hong Kong's exciting and growing scene". Customers can enjoy specialty coffee and delicacies in STONE COFFEE café or conveniently purchase STONE COFFEE’s high-quality products, including a wide range of coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee drip bags, and brewing equipment from selected retailers and online shops.

STONE COFFEE’s goal is to release each coffee bean’s full potential through attention to detail and careful craftmanship. Our specialty grade beans are carefully picked, freshly roasted in Hong Kong, and packaged locally with our exacting specifications to ensure coffee lovers can enjoy our select products. In addition, STONE COFFEE collaborates with other brands and companies to launch limited edition and crossover products and events from time to time.