Nicaragua Mierisch Family La Huella Laurina Natural

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TASTE FILTER:  Orange, Lime, Sugar Cane, Lemongrass

ORIGIN: Nicaragua

REGION: Jinotega

FARM: La Escondida, Mierisch Family

VARIETY: Laurina

PROCESS: Natural


ELEVATION: 850masl


BREW METHOD: Filter / Espresso

LAURINA coffee, also known as Bourbon Pointu or Maragogipe Laurina, is a unique coffee varietal characterized by its low caffeine content. It is a naturally occurring mutation of the Bourbon coffee plant. Laurina coffee beans typically contain about half the caffeine of regular Arabica coffee beans, which is a significant difference, as caffeine contributes to the bitter and astringent taste in coffee.

The flavor profile of Laurina coffee is often described as smooth and mild, with floral and fruity notes. Due to its lower caffeine content, it is considered a coffee option for those who are sensitive to caffeine or those looking for a milder coffee experience. However, it's worth noting that the low caffeine content also makes Laurina coffee more susceptible to diseases and pests, which can make its cultivation more challenging. As a result, it is a relatively rare and specialty coffee varietal.

Nicaragua's Mierisch Family 

Coffee from Nicaragua's Mierisch Family is a specialty coffee known for its outstanding quality. With a rich tradition in coffee cultivation, the Mierisch family's commitment to excellence and sustainability has made their beans highly sought after worldwide.

These beans offer a unique flavor profile, often combining bright acidity, fruity notes, and a medium body. This exceptional taste results from meticulous processing and the fertile volcanic soils of Nicaragua.

The Mierisch Family places a strong emphasis on traceability, allowing consumers to know the exact origin of their coffee. This transparency supports sustainable practices and local communities.