Panama Finca Deborah Nirvana Nitrogen Macerated Natural Geisha

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TASTE FILTER: Floral, Rose water, Tropical fruit, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, White wine
ORIGIN: Panama
PROCESS: Nitrogen Macerated Natural

REGION: Volcan, Chiriqui
FARM: Finca Deborah
ELEVATION: 1950masl

Nirvana is an effect of unique Nitrogen infused anaerobic process. This Finca Deborah Geisha is extremely aromatic, complex and intense. It’s a true showcase of Savage Coffees’ processing craftsmanship & terroir.


Processing starts with meticulous harvesting technique when only the ripest Geisha cherries reading 21-24 on BRIX meter.

The cherries are carefully selected for a second time before depositing them inside hermetically sealed tanks. They remain in the tank for more than 100 hours with Nitrogen infused to obtain anaerobic environment and create elevated aromatics, incomparable complexity & sweetness and ripe, structured acidity.

Finally, cherries are dried for approximately 20 days in controlled environment of a dry house sitting on three level drying beds. Temperature, humidity and airflow are controlled to assure consistency of a drying process and cleanliness of a cup.